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Raid Gaza on TV

2009-01-04 06:20:14 by raidgaza

Apparently Raid Gaza was shown on national TV in Greece as well as on Reuters video news. Did anybody catch it? Somebody sent me this link too. Chinese TV? Taiwanese?


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2009-01-04 15:08:00

Good these Hamas terrorists and aggressors need to be killed!


2009-01-05 07:04:07

Nope, but it's good to have a political game out there!


2009-01-05 20:12:44

'Fraid I didn't, but I liked the facts you provide in the game. I liked how you responded to that one guy, Norwaysucks's review. I'm happy that Israel is able to defend itself, but it shouldn't have to.


2009-01-06 15:53:20

Was on the news in Israel too.
Thanks for making us look like Nazis.

raidgaza responds:

You shouldn't thank me, you're managing very well doing that on your own, it would seem.


2009-01-11 23:27:13

If you're this invested in the fight, quit making intellectually-juvenile flash games and go fight.

(Updated ) raidgaza responds:

Please, do tell me how it is intellectually juvenile, rather than just insult me. Insulting is way too easy to prove your intellectual advantage over me. I can insult you too, you know. You're an idiot!! There, see, it didn't really make me look much smarter.


2009-01-14 12:22:36

jeez, i wounder how would you feel like living in Sederot.

or someone would launch rockets at your home for doing, ahhh, nothing?

you know we can kill the entire people of Palestine and smite the west bank, so... yeah, we are only killing Hamas which is, um, a terror organization perhapse?


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