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Entry #2

Save Israel

2009-01-12 17:26:53 by raidgaza

Two things:

An Israeli programmer has responded to Raid Gaza with a game claiming to show the conflict from the Israeli perspective (crap, I thought that was what I was doing): Save Israel. Considering Israel's long-going thing for disproportional responses, I was expecting a triple-A XBOX360 game, but I guess this will do for now.

Does anybody read Thai? This articlefrom Thai news site Prachatai seems reasonably well written (hey, it's long AND formatted). If anybody would translate what it says, I'd be really thankful.


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2009-01-26 08:06:35

Love your way of thinking. Good luck with your future games.


2010-03-30 03:36:48

I have yet to see a bigger piece of fail propaganda then Save Israel. It makes it look like missiles are being fired at long range one right after another, when really the rockets are built by amateurs and fired much less often then their military strikes.


2011-02-23 09:52:35

Just a few quibbles - maybe you can fix them in the next variant. First, Israel should start with nukes, and the Palestinians should get them later on. The Israelis should lose points for each Israeli and each Palestinians killed, with the Palestinians getting points for each death. If the Israelis use nukes the Isrealis automatically lose. Finally, if the Palestinians use nukes the Palestinians automatically win.

That would better reflect the present situation.