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Save Israel

2009-01-12 17:26:53 by raidgaza

Two things:

An Israeli programmer has responded to Raid Gaza with a game claiming to show the conflict from the Israeli perspective (crap, I thought that was what I was doing): Save Israel. Considering Israel's long-going thing for disproportional responses, I was expecting a triple-A XBOX360 game, but I guess this will do for now.

Does anybody read Thai? This articlefrom Thai news site Prachatai seems reasonably well written (hey, it's long AND formatted). If anybody would translate what it says, I'd be really thankful.

Raid Gaza on TV

2009-01-04 06:20:14 by raidgaza

Apparently Raid Gaza was shown on national TV in Greece as well as on Reuters video news. Did anybody catch it? Somebody sent me this link too. Chinese TV? Taiwanese?